Don't miss the pre-conference fun! 

Technology Petting Zoo 

Have you ever wanted to fly a drone or use a virtual keyboard to enter text into a document? Have you ever wanted to send electronic spitballs? Mark will bring a number of technologies to display and try out including:

  • Leap Motion controller (use hand gestures to interface with applications like Photoshop)
  • Celluon projection keyboard
  • DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter with ZenMuse 3-axis gimbal with GoPro camera
  • Numerous tablets with a number of apps including Adobe Voice, Line, Sketch, Photoshop Mix and more)
  • Adobe Ink and Slide (pressure sensitive stylus and drawing guide for iPads)
  • And more…

This is a great opportunity to experience a number of cutting edge devices and interfaces and applications.  It is also an opportunity to discuss the future of these technologies and their implications on teaching and learning. If you have an iPad or a laptop, you can try out some of these technologies as they are discussed. Join in the fun!

Presented By: Professor Mark DuBois 

Professor Mark DuBois created the first accredited AAS degree in Web Systems (1999) and the first accredited certificate in Rich Internet Application Development (2004) at Illinois Central College. He has been creating web pages since 1992 (fewer than 500 people can say that). He has been building websites for others since 1995 (his initial site was for a multi-billion dollar corporation). While at ICC, Mark has created 21 separate semester long classes on web technologies and as developed 5 certificates (web designer, web developer, eCommerce, Rich Internet Application developer and webmaster). He and his colleagues: Shari Tripp, Brandy Thatcher and Pam Dewey offer these classes in an entirely online format. He also serves as Director of Education for and is an Adobe Education Leader and Adobe Education Trainer. He has been recognized with several national and international awards including the Adobe Education Leader Impact Award, Web Professional of the Year, and is a member of the Web Professional Hall of Fame.

Mark annually supervises the Illinois Web Design Contest and helps supervise the National Web Design Contest. He has spoken at roughly 25 events through the US and Canada in the past couple of years. He is known for his passionate use of technology to further teaching and learning.