Session Descriptions: 

The Future of the 21st Century Library

Maria Emerson & TJ Urbanski, Lewis University

The 21st century academic library has been evolving over the last decade. What are some of the issues that accompany these changes? How are we working to reach all students successfully? Are there differences within different types of academic libraries, and if so, what do those differences look like? Come for a discussion on identifying key issues in academic libraries and what we can do to address them.  

Seed-Planting: Using Data to Develop the Library Collection

Elizabeth Nelson, McHenry County College

Developing a collection is more than acquiring resources for students to use today, but planting the seeds for the collection of the future. McHenry County College (MCC) has started using data from the program review process, circulation statistics, and enrollment numbers to create a picture of the collection and how it addresses student needs - now and into the future. This session will focus on MCC's philosophy behind seed-planting and data-driven decision making in collection management.

They Said What? Designing and Implementing an Ethnographic Study for Your Library

Laura Burt-Nicholas and Derrick Willis, College of DuPage

Derrick and Laura will lead a workshop focused on how to run an ethnographic research study in your library. The presentation will summarize the structure, results, and materials used in a study conducted at COD library. Workshop participants will learn how to conduct studies at their own institution, including formulating research questions, involving key campus stakeholders, and approximating the costs involved in conducting this research. 

Extreme Makeover: Library Assessment Edition

Sarah Parlier, Amy Glass, and Bryan Clark, Illinois Central College

ICC Librarians share their experiences designing two different assessments of the effectiveness of library instruction. Their questions during the first project led them to partner with co-chairs of the college’s Assessment Committee to redefine and restructure their assessment process. Now, as they begin their second project with a new focus and clarified objectives, they will share how working across the college rebuilt their assessment from the ground up.  Presenters will provide details of what went wrong in the first project and share strategies for designing a successful assessment project.

World Domination (In the Workplace): Managing the Management and the Minions      

Rachel Fuller, Director of Library Media Services, Rochester Community Unit School District #3A  

This session will discuss concepts to consider and strategies to employ when presenting a new initiative, persuading for a special interest project, or implementing a new policy.  Hone your ability to see the "big picture" in your work environment by taking an objective look at scenarios.  And, by discussing possible courses of action, improve your ability to consider the perspective of all stakeholders.  Whether you are a member of management, a minion, or someone who falls somewhere in-between (hello, middle management!), this session will provide actionable steps to help in your quest for world domination (in the workplace).